Best Tactical Belt – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Military approved

Heavy Duty 2
Good price

CQR Tactical Belt

Whether you’ve noticed or not, belts are a pretty important part of our everyday lives. They help us make sure our pants sit comfortable where we want them to, they make it easy to hold items within our reach, and they make for a great fashion statement. Regardless of what reason you might have to own one, you have used a belt at least once in your life. They’ve always been there and they always will be.

But when it comes to tactical belts, there is a fair bit of confusion. They aren’t common as regular belts and you would rarely hear them being mentioned normally. The most common mistake is confusing tactical belts for utility belts and vice versa. Some people may even own a tactical belt without knowing what it’s actually called. So, the question is, what exactly are tactical belts?

To put it simply, a tactical belt is very similar to a utility belt in that it provides a specific purpose other than support. Many tactical belts are in line with the carrying capabilities of utility belts. However, there are a few differences between the two.

At its most basic form, a tactical belt will be much more rugged than any other type of belt. Some belts will have hookups for attaching rappelling lines while other types like gun belts may allow an easy way to keep guns on your person.

Best Tactical Belt

Fairwin Tactical BeltFlexible
CQR Tactical BeltVery cheap
5.11 TDU 1.5-Inch BeltExclusive
Men’s Nylon WebbingAuto buckle
Agptek Tactical BeltAttachment options
Military Buckle BeltReliable
Heavy Duty EDCLightweight
Heavy Duty 2Military approved
Concealed Carry CCW Gun BeltHigh quality leather
Sierra Bravo Duty Belt KitWeapon belt

Fairwin Tactical Belt – Great flexibility

  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Metal belt buckle

The Fairwin Tactical Belt is the newest off the Fairwin line of sports and utility products. Fairwin has been a relatively newcomer in the market but that doesn’t mean their products aren’t up to par. The company has been making all kinds of belt and leather products since 2016. Their product lineup includes everything from sports and utility web belts to dog leashes and of course, tactical belts.

The Fairwin Tactical Belt is a great tactical belt on the surface with specialized features suitable for military activity.

The belt is very cheap, but price changes depending on the size you get. There are 4 different sizes that you can get from small, medium, large and fit. These sizes start from 28 inches all the way up to 46 inches. Of course, you always have the ability to adjust the belt accordingly thanks to the notches.

What’s good

What’s great about this belt is that it gives you the option of a ‘fit’ size that covers sizes from 28 to 45 all in one belt. It sits comfortably on your waist no matter how much slack there is. In addition, you also get a variety of different colors such as black, blue, green, and tan. The belt itself is made from woven nylon fiber and has a solid metal belt buckle which is built to last.

What’s not so good

There isn’t much that is wrong with the Fairwin Tactical Belt. Some customers have found the belt to be a bit softer than other tactical belts. While this isn’t technically a bad thing, it can certainly leave more to be desired in terms of a tough rigid belt. But other than that, this belt offers adequate quality and functionality for the price.

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CQR Tactical Belt – Affordable

  • Very cheap
  • High quality
  • Durable

The CQR Tactical Belt is designed and manufactured by CQR Tactical Gears. The company is well known in the industry for making exceptional tactical gear. They have made all kinds of equipment for military and security personnel. They make everything from personnel uniforms to military gear and accessories.

Their products are heavily used by military officers and are highly praised for their quality and workmanship. So, it should come as no surprise if this tactical belt lives up to its reputation.

The CQR Tactical belt is one of the few belts to be guaranteed by the Tesla Brand Certification. This prestigious guarantee is provided only to the best of products manufactured with care and precision.

The belt comes in five sizes which range from 28 to 46. These include small, medium, large, XL, and XXL. This belt also comes in a variety of different colors like black, green, navy, and khaki. It doesn’t cost much, no matter size. Cheap price – high quality.

What’s good

The CQR Tactical Belt is made from materials that allow it to the most robust belt without driving up the cost. The belt buckle is made from high quality plastic which will allow you to pass through airport security metal detectors with ease. The belt itself is made from durable woven nylon that can resist ripping or shredding even over long periods of time.

What’s not so good

Although the CQR Tactical Belt is well built and reasonably priced, it does lack the additional features you would normally want in a tactical belt. But for the price, it’s hard to argue that you don’t get your money’s worth. You also get a 30 day no risk full refund if you do decide that this isn’t the right belt for you.

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5.11 TDU 1.5-Inch Belt – Exclusive

  • Exclusive
  • Sturdy and wear resistant
  • One of the best tactical belts

You may have heard of 5.11 before, they make some of the best purpose built gear for tactical and survival situations. They have an extensive products line that sells everything from basic clothing and shoes options to specialized tactical gear.

They have made tactical shoes, jackets, belts, backpacks, holsters, gloves, caps, sunglasses, and much more. They’re the premium when it comes to any kind of tactical gear and the reputation they have built isn’t all for nothing.

The 5.11 TDU belt is the newest off the line of tactical belts. The belt comes in three basic colors, green black, and coyote.

It’s important to remember that belt is designed to be as stylish and fashionable as its functional.

It also comes in a wide assortment of sizes such as small, medium, large, XL, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL. These sizes cover everything from 28 all the way up to 54. The TDU belt is priced a little higher than previous belts, but still cheap.

What’s good

5.11 lives up to its reputation with this belt as it offer great quality and craftsmanship. The belt is made from an exclusive nylon matrix which makes it durable, sturdy, and wear resistant. In addition to this, you also get a low profile non metallic belt buckle that offers durability as well as remaining undetected by metal detectors. This makes it one of the few tactical belts that is suitable for air travel.

What’s not so good

For those that just want a no frills functional and durable tactical belt, this may not be the ideal choice. There are much cheaper options to be had if you don’t care about the looks that the 5.11 TDU offers. There have also been some complaints among customers regarding the buckle sticking out too much on some larger sizes.

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Square garden Men’s Nylon Webbing – Auto buckle

  • Stain resistant
  • Auto buckle
  • Reasonable price

Square garden is a belt manufacturer that just recently started manufacturing tactical gear products. They have released an extensive line of products suitable for rock climbers, outdoor hobbyists, tactical personnel, and sports enthusiasts.

Their products are very affordable and easily available with a ton of choice for options. Although their products aren’t as well-known as some of the major brands out there, they are starting to gain traction slowly through word of mouth.

The Square garden Men’s Nylon Webbing tactical belt is one of the many belts that Square gardern offers. The belt comes in a wide range of 26 different color combinations for the belt and buck. These colors include black, woodland camo, green, beige, blue, brown, coyote, gray, navy blue, light grey, olive, orange purple, and TDU green.

The belt is priced very reasonably and has a decent return policy.

What’s good

One of the great things about this belt is that it is available in an assortment of different styles. In addition, to the various colors options offered, you can also pick a style of design from plain to stripes, twills, and even camouflage. The auto buckle on the belt allows you to precisely buckle the belt without having to poke holes in it. The belt itself is made from durable nylon material that not only stays dry but is also heavily stain resistant.

What’s not so good

The only negative about the Square gardern tactical belt is that it only comes in one size which measures around 48 inches from belt to buckle. The idea here is that you can cut off any excess and heat seal it. However, this isn’t always a viable solution and can make the belt look very tattered and rough. This also means that it will simply be too short for anyone that wears sizes over 45 inches.

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Agptek Tactical Belt – Good attachment options

  • Attachment options
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • High quality

The Agptek tactical belt is made by Agptek Manufacturing. Agptek has been making an entire assortment of various products from electronics, memory cards, and phone accessories to fully fledged sports, fitness, and tactical equipment. This makes it so that they can make products that are versatile and useful in many different situations.

The Agptek tactical belt is one of the most feature rich tactical belts that you will find.

On top of being a very sturdy belt, it has additional attachments that let you keep a lot of equipment on you. The belt comes in one size and can be adjusted to your liking. It’s available on most retailers for a fairly good deal for the amount of value you get in the belt.

What’s good

The Agptek tactical belt isn’t just a typical tactical belt but also a fully-fledged gun belt. The belt offers you a fully modular design that lets you add or take things away to your specific preferences. There are attachments like pouches and holsters that you can use to hold your handguns, knives, phones, handcuffs, gun magazines, flashlights, batons, radios, tasers, or water bottles.

The belt can surprisingly hold a lot of weight without any adverse effects. The wide nylon webbing design makes it so the belt doesn’t fold or sag even under a large amount of weight. The pouches and holsters are also well designed and hold up with the quality of the rest of the belt.

What’s not so good

The main criticism for the belt is that the belt buckle isn’t on par with the quality of the rest of the belt. A common occurrence that tends to happens as a result is that the belt can come undone or break completely if you strap it on too tight.

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JASGOOD Military Buckle Belt – Very reliable

  • Highly functional
  • Option to style the belt
  • Reliable

Jasgood is one of the few companies that exclusively make belts for their product line. They cater to different kinds of casual and formal belts for both men and women. Apart from making fashion belts they also delve into the tactical belt side of things with sturdy belts. Their expertise in belt making should make them a great choice for getting a quality tactical belt.

The Jasgood Military Buckle Belt comes in four attractive colors black, khaki, green, and coffee. Along with these color choices you also have the choice of having different buckles. This makes it so you can have the belt cater to your needs whether your prioritize fashion or function.

The belt can be bought for a fairly average cost for similar belts. Additionally, you also get a full 30 day replacement warranty if your belt is defective or if you feel like it’s not the right belt for you.

What’s good

The Jasgood Military Belt is best for someone that wants a functional and durable tactical belt that is also fashionable. The stylish buckles and the belt color choices make it a good fit for demanding outdoor setting or a casual environment. This is a great feature as not many tactical belts will offer you the choice of picking how you want to stylize your belt.

You can also pick the material of the belt to cater to your preference, whether you like a softer comfortable material or a tough rugged material.

What’s not so good

The biggest problem with the Jasgood Military Belt is the lack of larger sizes. The belt only comes in one size that needs to be manually adjusted to fit. This makes it so that anyone with a 40 inch waist or more can’t use this belt at all.

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MISSION ELITE Heavy Duty EDC Tactical Belt – Super lightweight

  • Perfect for holding/carrying
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

The Mission Elite Heavy Duty EDC Tactical Belt is made by tactical belt maker Mission Elite. The company is relatively new in the market space for tactical wearables. However, they have made some quality products like uniforms and accessories so they’re worth checking out.

The Mission Elite Heavy Duty EDC Tactical Belt is built up to be a solid tactical belt that can carry out the toughest tasks.

The belt comes in a choice of black, army green and coyote tan. The entire belt has no metallic parts to it making it very lightweight. The price tag is low and also depends on the waist size. You also do get a money back guarantee for the belt in case the belt isn’t up to your standard – which, of course, is a welcomed feature!

What’s good

The Mission Elite tactical belt is made out of dual layered toughened nylon which makes it extremely durable and resistant to any kind of folding or fraying. This also means it can easily hold pouches and holsters on it without giving way in the least. At the same time, the belt also manages to stay lightweight by having a plastic buckle. This means it will feel comfortable for long periods of time.

What’s not so good

The buckle on the Mission Elite tactical belt can be a bit finicky at times. This makes it so that often times, the belt can come undone if you don’t position it properly. This means that it isn’t ideal if you want to quickly put your belt on or off.

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Klik Belts Tactical Belt Heavy Duty 2 – Military approved

  • Military uniform approved
  • Very durable
  • Quick release feature

The Klik Tactical Heavy Duty Belt is made by Klik Belts. The company exclusively makes high quality premium belts that are durable and unique. They produce all sorts of belts for just about any occasion from duty belts, gun belts, and tactical belts to even dog belts and leashes. Klik Belts has had a good reputation of its products so you can’t go wrong with them.

The Klik Belts Tactical Heavy Duty Belt comes in an assortment of color options for the belt as well as the buckle. You can pick between black, coyote brown, grey, navy blue, matte black, and wolf grey for the belt and aluminum, black, brown, or grey for the buckle color.

It also comes with a quick release cobra buckle that seems to work well.

The belt is priced a bit higher than the other products in this list. However, it is a quality belt well worth the money.

What’s good

Everything from the look and feel of the belt to its durability is top notch. The belt comes in various different colors that are military uniform approved. The belt is made from 2 ply heavy duty nylon mesh that is sturdy and durable.

The buckle itself is made from aluminum alloy that is durable and lightweight all at the same time. The quick release feature for the buckle is very handy and allows you to take the belt off with ease.

What’s not so good

The biggest factor you have to consider for this belt is its price. The premium features of this belt really drive the cost up significantly. If you’re looking for a cheaper belt, you might be better off looking elsewhere. However, for that price you do get a substantial belt that can last you ages.

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Relentless Tactical Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt – High quality leather

  • Classic design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High quality leather

Relentless Tactical are known for making high quality gun belts, holsters, and safety accessories. They offer their products at a reasonable price for military personnel and firearms enthusiasts. Relentless Tactical is preferred by heavy duty military officers and drill sergeants. So it should come as no surprise that their quality is top notch.

The Relentless Tactical Concealed Carry Gun Belt is a fully leather belt with a traditional belt buckle.

It comes in various sizes starting from size 34 and going up to size 52. The belt is available in black and brown with two style choices; stitched or basket weaved. Great stuff!

What’s good

This belt is great if you prefer a more traditional belt than a nylon one. It is made from high grain leather with a sturdy buckle. The different color and style options make this a good choice for a belt that is great for casual, formal, and tactical scenarios. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which is neat.

What’s not so good

The biggest drawback of this belt is its price which is on the high end of tactical belts. What’s more, this belt doesn’t offer the features you would get in a nylon tactical belt such as free adjustment and quick release.

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5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit – Good weapon belt

  • Good weapon belt
  • Sturdy during movement
  • Waterproof

The 5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo is a 100% nylon belt kit that includes an inner belt, an outer belt, and four keepers. The belt is designed to be a weapon belt with options for customization. It only comes in black with various sizes from starting from small and going up to 4XL.

What’s good

The Sierra Bravo is built from high tensile 1680D nylon webbing. This makes the belt tough and sturdy and prevents it from sagging or bending under stress.

The outside of the belt has heavy duty waterproof coating that prevents the belt from getting moisture in.

It also includes additional features like the MOLLE Web Gear support and the 5.11 SlickStick System. This makes for a belt that can be really customized.

What’s not so good

Although the Sierra Bravo is a pretty solid belt on the surface, it isn’t without some minor issues. The belt buckle has been reported to be a bit flimsy and is known to break or come apart with long term wear and tear.

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Why you should use a tactical belt

If you’ve never used a tactical belt, you may be wondering why you would need a tactical belt. Tactical belts aren’t just for military and security personnel but can also be used by an average person that doesn’t own any firearms.

Here are some good reasons why you should consider getting a tactical belt.

• They allow you to keep your firearms and equipment on you within reach.
• They’re very durable and will last a long time.
• They don’t bend or sag under stress.
• They’re often waterproof and keep moisture out.

• You can use them as a regular belt when you’re not carrying anything.
• They’re stylish enough to be used for special occasions.
• You can adjust them freely to your liking.
• They won’t wear as easily as regular belts.

• You can take them off quickly using quick release buckles.
• They can be much more comfortable than regular belts.
• They’re versatile enough to be used for tactical, casual, and professional occasions.
• They can resist temperature differences without changing in appearance or feel.

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What to look for in a tactical belt

With so many brands offering different types of tactical belts, it can be hard to decide which belt is right for you. There will always be changes in price and features so it’s never easy to pinpoint your decision on one specific belt. However, if you stick to a few certain basics you’ll find that picking a tactical belt isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be. Here are some basic aspects you should look out for when buying tactical belts.


The material of the belt is perhaps the most crucial element of picking a tactical belt. Not only will you need a belt that is durable enough but also one that looks and feels good. There are different materials you can go with but typically you’ll have to choose between nylon and leather.

Nylon is much cheaper, handles stress better, doesn’t bend as much, and can be adjusted freely. Leather on the other hand, is much more stylish than nylon than leather and can be used on formal attire. Leather belts can also be used as regular belts as they look and feel nearly identical to normal belts.


When you’re wearing heavy firearms and equipment on you for long periods of time, comfort becomes an essential aspect. You will need to make sure that your tactical belt provides an adequate amount of comfort. This will differ from person to person as everyone has a different idea of comfort. Some may like a belt that fits snugly to their waist while others may prefer a bit of wiggle room. Freely adjusting belts are great for this as they allow you to individually choose how loose or tight you want your belt to be.


The price of the belt will directly affect what kind of product you’re getting. Cheaper belts will use basic nylon design with very little features and minimal chance of customization. Likewise, expensive belts will offer you better materials with different holstering and attachment features. You will also get much more variety in terms of the colors and designs that you can get.

However, that doesn’t mean that every cheap belt is bad and every expensive belt is good. There will certainly be belts that offer less or more value than their cost. Make sure to put cost into consideration so you don’t overpay for belts that have the same features as other cheaper belts.

Width of the Belt

Width comes into play when you have to choose between different tactical belts. Having a wider belt will let you carry more equipment easily without bending or sagging. However, a belt that is too wide may feel uncomfortable and cumbersome. Wider belts will also need to be stiffer to compensate for their area. This comes down to personal preference in terms of what you’re more comfortable with using.


While looks aren’t really a primary concern when it comes to tactical belts, they can help you narrow your choices down easily. A lot of belts will offer you options in terms of the colors that you can pick for your belt and buckles. The most common colors are typically black, army green, and khaki but you can definitely find other alternatives too.

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You can also pick the style of belt whether you want a solid color, a printed pattern, simple stitch, or a basket weave pattern. Last but not least, you can also pick the style of your buckle to match your preferences. Ultimately, the looks will depend on the situation you’re using them for. Some belts work great for casual setting while others for formal settings. Some might even work great for both.

What you need to carry

A tactical belt is all about carrying your equipment, so it would make sense to look for the right belt for the job. Not all belts will be able to carry your equipment as easily. You will need a belt that is certified to carry the type of holsters and attachments that you use. Whether you’re using an IWB or OWB holster, you will need a belt that can support it. Some belts will even come with their own holster attachments that will allow you to carry your guns, ammo, and equipment.

Final words

Picking a belt isn’t the easiest of tasks but at this point you should be well versed in the process that goes in to picking the right tactical belt. Everything from knowing the different types of belts, to the features they offer, the way they’re priced, and the situations that you can use them in.

You shouldn’t forget that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to tactical belts. Some might work well for you, some might not. But it’s crucial that whatever you end up picking is the right choice for you personally.